the perfect looking 18 year old girl nude

Do you remember the movie 'Weird Science'? Two guys design their perfect womam on a computer and she comes alive? Well, if we had to design a woman she would definately look like Alexa. This girl has it all: cute face, gorgeous body, beautiful eyes and natural big breasts. Alexa is only 18 year old and is of Spanish/Egyptian heritage. She was born in California and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Those guys in Phoenix are very lucky bastards for sure!
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Some answers from Alexa herself:
  1. Why pose nude for a website for the whole world to see?

    Well its my very own website, its done nicely and tastefully, and I've never been shy about my figure or nudity. Especially since I've grown to learn more about how attractive my figure is to men. In a sense, the more I pose nude the more comfortable I have become with my body.

  2. So are your breasts real?

    Yes sir! People always ask me this question. First I thought every girl had breasts like mine, until I got older and realized that I was gifted a very large firm set that most girls dream of having. They have been growing since I was 14, and are still getting bigger and firmer. They are D-cups now!

  3. Do you like sex? With girls too?

    Yes of course, but who doesn't? But honestly I have just started experiencing sex, so it gets better as I get older. I lost my virginity only a year ago! I am attracted to some hot exotic women, but I've never been with a girl. Maybe one day if I find the right one, I'll do a video with her!

  4. Are you very sexual and wet?

    Strange questions guys ask, but yes, especially my ex-boyfriend told me that I seem to be perpetually wet all the time. In my photos the photographer catches occasional closeups of me (leaking?) down there. Anyways I discovered recently that I can squirt when I orgasm and you will see that in my some of my masturbating videos.